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When we add bullets to this page, if they have MM numbers, then we put them in order on the page. We have moved the bullets that we haven't attributed with a MM number to the bottom. Please click on any thumbnail image to enlarge.<

Dug Henry with the cartridge still attached

Dug Burnside with cartridge

 Dug Spencer may be a put togethrt but looks great

Dug 3 ring Minie with The skin cartridge still attached

3 piece shaler bullet from Brandy Station

.36 Caliber Savage pistol bullet
Found at Toms Brook

Rare cone base Macon These are usually solid base

.69 3 ring Prussian

.69 British sea Service

.397 Starr rare size

MM301 Mississippi rifle bullet

3 ringer with paper cartridge

Gallagher cartridge

Billinghurst cartridge

Non Dug Smith with rubber cartridge

.37 Maynard

.37 Maynard

.58 Gardner Explosive

.69 caliber Prussian

.69 caliber Hanovarian

.69 caliber Enfield for the Tower rifle

.69 caliber triangle base

Dug Burnside cartridge

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This page last updated March 9th, 2017